Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tick Tack

Ohhhh gosh my day sucks so bad X__x Busted my leg at gym yesterday (I could finish there just fine, but it started bothering me at work and is even worse today, I've been limping all day... SPORTS ARE DANGEROUS.), woke up 15 minutes before I had to be out of the door today, had to run to catch the bus (which obviously worked wonders on my poor injured leg) and then didn't get a seat and had to stand all through the 45 minute ride... still on the injured leg.

In Helsinki, it was speed-walking to Coffee House, a 90-cent vanilla ice latte, and more speed-walking to make it to the Spanish class... which, of course, turned out to be an exam. D:

Well, luckily the Japanese class and the Tudors class after that were nice enough, and apparently I'm going to drop by at Nea and Pihla's new place sometime this evening to help them organize the place (they moved in yesterday), but still, I'm completely worn out... So, after all this misery, I come home and open my blog and take a look at the blogs I'm following, and this catches my eye.

I was like WHOA WAIT and did a double-take, and a triple-take, and I still think I'm dreaming. :o (I wouldn't even mention it here, y'know, just in case I'm seeing things... XDD but Ida has apparently disabled comments again and I had to express my amazement somehow.) She's one of my favorite gals as far as style goes, so I'm absolutely stunned and incredibly flattered to even be mentioned as a "good gal" by her *w* I don't know how I deserved this but I'm almost giddy with happiness and practically climbing walls here~~~

Though I still sort of think I'm dreaming lol XDDDDDD If you read this, Ida, I just wanted to say wow and a huge thank you. *w*

But anyways! While limping from school to the Railway Station, I did find a couple of things for my Halloween outfits, though! (I'll have two - one for the F8 party on Friday, one for our Gal meetup & the party at TilQ's on Saturday.)

I've been wanting a hat like this for years *w* Ok, it's very clearly a costume hat and would look kinda stupid in an everyday outfit, but still XD I'd be ecstatic if I found one like that that I could actually use outside Halloween parties! Please excuse my otherwise bleargh look, I still think it's pretty good for someone who woke up 15 minutes before having to leave...

Also notice the fake piercing 8) I've wanted to pierce my lip since I was 16, but couldn't do it when I was a minor because Mom didn't approve, and couldn't do it later because I work at a restaurant and it wouldn't have enough time to heal... ;__;

Not much of a fan of this picture otherwise, but I think my eye make-up turned out pretty nice~ Though my lower lashes are still hiding somewhere. D: This was on Saturday.

Had coffee with Elsi on Sunday; I arrived at Jumbo a bit before she got off from work, so I had the time to photoshoot a little~

Oh yeah, and only 51 full days to go~~


  1. No problem! <3 You deserved it :). To get on my top list you have to 1) Be active in the community 2) Be able to make good coords, makeup and hair styling 3) Be smokin' hot :P 4) Have a good personality to go with the looks (I can't stand arrogant bitches haha). That's why you're my number one on the list! ^__^
    Glad it made you happy, and i'm glad you like my style too!

    Keep it up, girl.

  2. Awww noi kuvat. Tahon sun jalat kiitos!
    Vähä rankka päivä ollu sulla, kaikki meni mahdollisimman vaikeesti! Onneks nyt sit käänty parempaan päin, toi on kyllä yli kiva juttu toi lista! Ja ihan ansaittu sijoitus! =) =) =)
    Ihana lätsä, alkaa tekeen mieli itekki hankkia tuollanen hehs! :D

  3. OH MY! Ö_Ö Mite me osutaan aina tällai randomisti samoihi paikkoihin... xD Näkyillääännn siellä...? 8DDDD ♥

  4. Itsekin olen kuuden aikoihin liikenteessä mutta menemme sinne Ericalle ekaksi. >D Joo sitten yhdeksästä eteenpäin siellä poukkoilemme, katsotaa jaksanko kuinka pitkään. XD

    Mistä näitä yhteensattumia oikein tulee ku päädytää bilettääki samaan paattiin...