Wednesday, November 17, 2010

once in a blue moon

A couple of photos from Tsukicon~ I didn't take many and wasn't presentable in most (if at all - on Saturday I was going through my very first hangover ever, which was embarrassing enough in and of itself, and on Sunday I just felt bleak and disheveled by the wind and rain...), and I haven't seen too many pictures I could have stole-- borrowed around the internet, either.

Saturday's outfit~ This is my hangover look. 8) lol XD Excuse my stupid face. ♥

At first, my Saturday was pretty miserable and lonely; I got there late and didn't have a specific friend to hang out with. Meeting Becci, however, cheered me up so much~~ ♥

Oops, my bangs are getting a little long...

She was gorgeous and so very kind. *w* A downright lovable person, with a great personality and the cutest smile ever! She had been eyeing the same wallet (at her friend's stall - I don't know her name but she was very pretty and nice as well!) as I, and still she told me to buy it for myself ;___; So kind!

The wallet (the black one) with it's twin sister, adopted by Sanna~

St. Sanna the Kind-hearted saved me from the loneliness that seeped back after I'd met Becci, and I tagged along with her and her friends to go eat something. While we were waiting for my super-slow gluten-free chicken sandwich, Sanna began, "I gotta show you what I got -" and I began, "See what I just purchased -" and then we dug out these cute-as-hell wallets, looked at them for a moment, and burst out laughing :'DDD Great minds think alike?

While Sanna's friends went to their hotel to touch up their make-up, Sanna and I snatched Saara along and headed to McDonald's, preferring watching the queue to the evening's gig from indoors to standing in the rain...

It was great. o3o I felt like we had known each other for ages - we talked about a lot of superficial stuff, a lot of gal stuff, and a lot of really deep stuff. :o Finally, thanks to these girls, I was beginning to enjoy my day *w*

HITT's gig was on the borderline of awesome and ridiculous, and in all other respects I'm leaning towards awesome except for performing playback. I seriously facepalmed so hard when I first noticed it. X____x He performed some of the songs for real, so I don't really get why - he could certainly sing well live, too. Oh well, maybe he had to focus on his incredible dance moves - and of course, on checking his hair in the little mirror he had on stage a couple of times...

In any case, the show was energetic and hilarious (in so many different ways), and his variations of several famous songs (YMCA -> HITT and White Christmas, for example...) left me grinning from ear to ear - so overall it was definitely worth the money. Besides, he was hot. XD

The party that followed was a little boring except for the unexpected sighting of a certain ex-of-a-friend and his slimy friend, who turned on their heels and escaped the moment they saw me, and only later gathered the courage to talk to me. Apparently they - or the slimy friend at least - were there scouting for underage girls... I actually saw Slime talking to some girls on the dancefloor and was sorely tempted to go tell them he's almost thirty (and some other juicy little facts about him), but luckily I didn't have to - his ugly face did the work for me.

On Sunday, I was on a slightly better mood~

The best part of the day was meeting Charlotte *w* I hadn't seen her the previous day, so when I saw her and her fabulous hair standing nearby, I went into a complete fangirl fit :o I was clutching my camera so hard I was worried it might break, debating whether to go and ask her for a photo or not, with Saara urging me to go and do it. Then she started moving, and I was like NOOOO - but THEN, she walked straight up to me and asked something about my hair! I was so happy she actually came to talk to me because I really wanted to talk to her and was completely incapacitated by my shyness XD

We ended up spending a long time talking with her and Laura and Annika - about school and traveling and I don't even remember everything :o - and watching the parapara show together. She was so sweet and kind, and so gorgeous! ;___; I've always liked her style, but meeting her made me realize that there is a wonderful person underneath all that awesome hair. I'm very happy I had the chance to talk to you & get to know you, Charlotte. :3

The parapara show was followed by some stressing and fretting due to the interview thing I talked about last time and a photographer taking pictures for Egg. They interviewed and photographed a lot of people, so it's not a big deal - seriously. They might very well choose to leave me out. That's actually what stresses me so much. XD If I'm left out, then I'll be ugly and/or stupid. If I'm included, I'll be exposed to criticism. Both sound bad... Especially since I totally froze in front of the camera and promptly forgot all my posing skills. My smile probably looked like I was trying to swallow a pineapple whole...

To soothe my publicity-wrecked nerves, I ran off with our next door visual gay---- kei prince, Inka.

And because I'm greedy like that, I didn't settle with just a boy-girl, but chick-napped a girl-girl named Annika as well - though, in fact, she had been brave enough to keep me company all day. :'D

On a completely different note, don't you guys just hate it when you agree on doing something with someone else, and then you hear nothing from them, and then when you finally ask them if they're coming with you or not, they say, "Oh, no, I've got this and that and yeah, no can do." I mean, it's not so much that they don't keep their promises but the fact that they haven't even bothered to tell you they're not coming when they've clearly known for a while... It makes me so mad and so miserable. Makes me feel unwanted and unimportant. Unfortunately, I have some friends who do this all the time... otherwise great friends. But still. X___x

I also failed my very first test ever. I won't lie and say that wasn't a blow... but I guess it's okay since it was on the day I heard Grandpa had been taken to the hospital. (I hear he's getting out soon, but the diagnose doesn't seem too good.)

Thank you for your supportive comments on my last post. ♥ I'm still at a loss with blogspot - should I reply by posting another reply to the same post, or by posting a comment on one of your posts? But if you haven't updated for a while I'll feel silly commenting on something older just to say, "Hi, thanks for being such a sweetheart ♥ x"... Since I usually want to reply to everyone, not receiving a reply from me probably just means I'm confused about how to go about it. I'm simple like that...

Now I'm off to bed~ Been up and going for 20 hours now and got only 3 hours of sleep last night X___x Tomorrow I have a meeting with my optician about why my circle lenses feel better in my eyes than my actual lenses, and maybe I'll get some working real lenses... I feel awkward wearing circle lenses to work and I'm afraid of getting shouted at for them all the time, but my real lenses feel so uncomfortable these days ;__;

Sweet dreams ♥ -H


  1. Oh I just love your black and white monotone coordinates, the way they match your hair! You are so adorable! I'm so jealous you got to meet Becci, I miss her >3< She is indeed one of the most lovely and sweet people in the entire world. Oh she looks so tall, but then she is actually shorter than me...haha!

    I hope you will be in the Egg, I really want to see that!

    And I think it's ok to fail tests once and awhile, as long as you pass the class. And you had a good reason to not pass, I hope your Grandpa will be ok

  2. Good to hear you had a nice time!! I like your outfits, you rock monotone :D I feel like if I wear monotone im so boring T_T

  3. I love your hair and you really rock the monotone, you make me want to do this for my everyday style <3

  4. Ohhhh, thank you so much for all the love XD I was sooo happy to meet you too! you were one of the most energetic and sweet people I talked to and it was really nice to meet you! I hope I can meet you again someday :D
    Now for a little rude question. May I please borrow and use our pic on my blog? I'd really like to show it and of course I will make reference, beside the cute tag you made on the corner :)

    I do hope your grandfather will be alright D: and don't sweat it too much about the test <3 you'll pump that mark up later I bet!

  5. Waaaaa I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Wow, I love your outfits ♥ (& your hair!!)