Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Telling on You (ft. lots of beer I didn't drink)

Hey there~ What's up, guys? I'm on summer vacation ♥ From school, that is - I still work. :D And gosh does it feel great to be absolutely free to do whatever you want after you get off from work!

To congratulate myself on managing to crawl and slither my way through yet another year (more or less successfully, I'm still waiting for some grades - the one's I've gotten this far haven't been horrible, though) I went shopping on Friday - and man, did I SHOP. I guess I'll be eating oatmeal for a looooong time now, as I'm now the happy owner of a PlayStation3, a new piercing on my ear, new shoes, some clothes including a dress for my brother's graduation party, and an iPhone, which should arrive next week. Talk about shopping therapy! XD

This is what I wore. I went on a full-blown shopping spree because I bumped into a lady doing a poll thing on whatever, and she asked me if I was under 30. I was so mad I wanted to strangle her, but instead I just went and got my earlobe pierced. :D

For once, I also tried something new with my hair, because I didn't feel like wearing my extensions. What do you think? I thought it was kind of cute, though it looked really strange seeing my hair like that.

Yesterday, I went to a trance event "In Search of Sunrise" with Aleksi, and this is what I wore there. Unfortunately I was so tried that I couldn't really enjoy the show or the music to the fullest, but I still had a great time. ♥

Now... looking at this photo, I decided to come out with something, even if it probably won't be a surprise to some of you. The rough year I've had - the stress I've been under, the three times I've been hospitalized for my allergies, and my Grandpa's death among other things - is manifesting itself as an eating disorder. I look fairly healthy because of my bone structure, but my bmi has gotten ridiculously low, and after seeing a dietitian and a doctor all spring and still keeping losing weight I've been sent to a clinic specializing in eating disorders.

Why am I making this public, then? Because after telling my friends, my boyfriend, my family and even a few co-workers I've noticed that being able to talk freely about it makes it much easier for me to convince myself that I need to fix things before they get too bad. I'm apparently on the verge of being taken in, and this doesn't sound at all appealing. -__-;; So I'm hoping that being completely open will help me sort my thoughts out, and of course if you guys have any similar experiences or thoughts or are just interested, just contact me and we can talk more. ♥

I'm hoping you'll all be supportive and also understanding because this is why I've been lacking the energy to update and to get dolled up and take photos. Still, this isn't SUCH a big deal, it's just a part of my life for now and hopefully not for long. :3 Just asking for you to bear with me!

And so that this post wouldn't end with all gloom and doom, a casual photo of what I wore when I left for work this morning - though obviously I have to wear a uniform and my hair on a ponytail there. :D

Still thought it was fairly cute, and for once I dared to pin my bangs up and expose my very vulnerable forehead and - gasp! - eyebrows. :D

Aside from my unusual hairdo, the day was unusual in many other ways as well: in particular in many mysterious things happening to the beer we were selling. First, the glass I was filling randomly dropped its bottom and splashed all the 0,5 l of beer all over me, the table and the floor. Which was EW. Then, when my co-worker was filling another glass, she touched the glasses standing by, very lightly - kaboom, a whole pile of them jumped off the table, knocking the glass off from her hand. Beer on the floor again! Then the tank ran empty, and she had to replace it, which was a show in and of itself, especially since she had to do it based on instructions she was receiving on phone while at the same time instructing me on doing a gin-tonic for a customer who just picked the perfect time to order one. Changing the tank failed twice, we were up to our ankles in beer (... well, almost...), and we had to call for reinforcements. After my boss had successfully changed the tank, we tried to sell some beer - and got foam. LOTS of foam. On the table. On the floor. On ourselves. Not much in the glass, though.

Then, to replace the glasses we had broken, we had to wash some new fresh-from-the-factory glasses. Unsurprisingly, quite a lot of them went kaboom in the dish-washing machine. This day has been so unlucky for anything made of glass that I'm still hesitating to take off my contacts and wear my glasses... XD

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Cause the Future Is Bright Pink, Bitch!

Gosh, it's been so long... again!! ;___; I'm still hideously busy for a few weeks, but then the summer holidays should kick in and leave me some time for rest. I actually got 24 days of paid vacation at work, which is more than fine by me. o3o (Don't you think it's really, really unfair that a teacher's absence counts as yours and it means you'll have to write a longer essay than the rest of the class just because you've missed three times of the lectures, even though that one time you missed because you were freaking hospitalized and the other wasn't even your absence but the teacher's?! Thought so!)

Aside from final essays and a huge pile of exams, two big changes have taken place in my life - in fact, on the very same day. As I said earlier, I have now moved out! Also, remember the tall dude with white hair from my last post, Aleksi? We are, like, in a relationship now. ♥ I'm stunned and amazed at my luck and all this is so overwhelmingly wonderful that I'm almost scared. *___*

Because I've been really busy, I don't have much photos to offer, either, but have three that were taken today~

My room!! ♥ The couch takes up half of the space but who cares, it's comfy and now I have a place to lounge on and to read books on. ♥ As said before, I live in a student apartment with two other girls, so this room is actually the only place I can call my own in our flat. In reality, though, I've apparently made such an everlasting impression on my flatmates that one of them refuses to leave the safety of her room and the other doesn't dare to come home at all, so I get to reign over my kingdom pretty much as I wish. :D

And here's my outfit for going to see Thor with Aleksi~ (Thor was visually great, btw, awesomely epic mythological adventure with fancy computer-made settings and dramatic music, just the way I like it. Plot-wise, it was nothing special, but oh, Loki. ♥ I'm such a myth geek... XD)

Everything in this room gets a pinkish hue because of the new pink-and-purple curtains. XD But I love it.

How are you guys doing? Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with your blogs!