Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Maaaaaan, I'm so sick X____x My fever is currently pretty low but I still feel all shaky and achy... so since I don't really have the energy to do much but couldn't stand just lying on the couch anymore, I figured I'd drop by to post these and then go back to doing nothing.

A simple but warm everyday outfit for school on a freezing day - I tried to layer things so it wouldn't show. It was -25 degrees ;___;

What I wore to Leijo's b-day party last Friday. I really liked this outfit - the wet-look jacket had just arrived the very same morning, and it fit me perfectly. Too bad the webcam pretty much swallowed my lashes, but oh well - you know I was wearing them, anyway. :D

Ok, my head's beginning to hurt so much that I think I'll just head back to the couch now. See you guys later, when I feel a bit more alive... ♥

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lol, Snow White is pretty much my least favorite Disney princess because she has no spirit or attitude whatsoever, buuuuut~~ in the spirit (and attitude!) of the last entry, I had to name this one after her. :D

Because the studio photos, part 2/2, is finally here, too! And I gotta say, I love them just as much as the ones in part two. I feel that the ones in my last post, curiously enough the ones with the pink background, are more rock than these, and these are more princess-y - perhaps because of the glitter and shine, lol. And while the pink ones have a slightly dreamlike and/or mysterious feeling about them, these here are more cheerful and spring-like.

All photos below are taken by and photoshopped by Miki Toikkanen. Accompanying me, again, is the ever-so-lovely Saara. ♥

There~ What do you think? I personally adore both sets and I'm very happy and thankful to my two talented photographers who took the time to take these and to photoshop these for me ♥ Awesome *w*

Saturday, February 12, 2011


This weekend has been great. o3o No school or work on Friday or Sunday, and a nice morning shift on Saturday - yes, there have been some bad moments, like my knee bothering me again yesterday and general moodiness taking over my mind for a while at work today, but in general things have gone well, and I've managed to catch up with some of my reading and sleeping. I was, only two days ago, devastated that I couldn't even get my hands on the two books I had to read before Monday for my Gothic Lit and Children's Lit classes, but then a friend of mine gave me his version of the Castle of Otranto and I realized I already had Wind in the Willows and ta-dah, I was saved. ♥

On a downside, I have an exam on Classic Literature on Tuesday, and I can't seem to get along with Odyssey due to it being a poor translation. Or what I perceive as a poor translation...

But that concludes my literature snob-ing because I'm guessing half of you are already yawning. :D Now, I'm going to spend a moment being super vain because it's just so RARE that someone takes the time to take photos of me - and better still, takes photos I actually like *w*

So it's time to go PINK! in the form of the fruits of the studio photoshoot I mentioned last time. This time, I'm only showing photos taken by Satu, as Miki has yet to give me hers. Incidentally, they are all taken against a pink background... and unfortunately in almost exactly the same outfit, but that's mostly due to my laziness - I didn't want to change too many times, and it would have ruined my hair, too. XD

All photos below are taken and photoshopped by Satu Kaarnakangas; in three cases I have added some light and contrast because the original looked very dark at least on my computer. I hope you don't mind this, Satu ♥ This is in no way because I wasn't satisfied with your versions, because you did a wonderful job - I guess I'm just used to photoshopping my photos beyond repair to hide the dark bags under my eyes... XDDDD

Unfortunately, I hadn't really thought this through, and my tights look a little awkward. I wish I had noticed so I could have pulled them up ;____;

The same mistake again. D:

For the past few weeks, Saara and I have taken the habit to have lunch together on Tuesdays - which, naturally, lead to us talking almost exclusively about the week's g_s entry. XD How convenient. The funny thing is, it took a while before we realized we were doing that. This Gossip Girl photoshoot was inspired by this realization. ♥

I really like how we are kind of "black" and "white" here - but Satu was devastated because of course it was difficult to take a picture that shows both of our colors well... I think she did pretty well though.

This was inspired mostly by the colors of the fans clashing with the background so hilariously. :D

Saara described herself as a "monster" in this one - would that make my expression a "Lookie, even monsters eat from my palm!" one? :__D I personally find it adorable.

This one Saara described as a "incredibly cliche soft porn pic". I kind of have to agree. XD I still find it kind of cute, though.

And finally, my absolute favorite, even if it has my slightly retarded face in it. I like the pose, I like the colors, and I adore the photoshopping Satu has done to give it a slightly misty, dreamlike feeling.

Of course, after the photos she took last Halloween, I had no doubt about Satu's abilities - but still, I'm slightly amazed at how good I can look when someone like her is taking the photos. :o I guess it's because she's going to be a pro some day - but then again, school photos are taken by pros and I always looked HORRIBLE in them, no matter how pretty I looked otherwise!

... not that I actually did look very pretty back then. ;___; Do you guys ever wish you had dressed differently in past? I do, all the time. I really regret not going all the way with all the visual kei stuff and so on, because I'm perhaps a bit too old to get to it now... But I was way too shy and considered myself rather ugly at the time. :/ It's kind of sad, don't you think? (Of course, I was also too poor to afford it myself, and Mom refused to fund me... :_D)

So, what do you guys think of the photos? ♥

Monday, February 7, 2011


Oh damn, I've gotten so busy again! D: No matter how much you like the books you have to read for school (and I like most of them this spring!), they still take TIME! And then there's work and social life and so on... Bohoo ;___; The weather has been awful, too, and doesn't really encourage to dress up nicely - or to do your hair, for that matter. (from Ms Oh My I Guess It's A Hat Day Again with love...)

I have had a few parties for which I've taken the time to get dolled up, but my camera's memory card ran away and I can't find it! (....................... wait. Did I give it to Inka? Hey, Inka, did I give it to you? XD I have another one but God knows where that is...) So there is no photographic evidence of me having looked even remotely decent. D:

EXCEPT for on Saturday, when I reunited with my gals for Satu and Miki's (don't know if she has a blog) studio photoshoot! As our poor heroines ended up taking some billion photos, they're naturally not out yet, so it might take a while before I can show anything - but with such amazing settings, awesome gals assisting, and amazing photographers I trust even my face will have to look presentable in a few photos!

All the other (drop dead gorgeous) girls had barricaded themselves in the hallway, but the four of us who came late camped in front of the only bathroom - and believe it or not, our Doppelganger Club (that is, the two Saara's, left and right in the picture respectively, and us two Hennas, the prettier of which can be seen behind the left-hand Saara) took up pretty much all of the room with our stuff. :DD I think the other Saara and Henna have blogs somewhere too but damn, I can't find them and I just spent 30 minutes trying to ;____; What the heck.

After the photoshooting it was straight to my workplace to ditch all my extra outfits in my locker, and to - gasp - resort to going out in my ugly-as-fuck work shoes because I was stupid enough to think I could walk all day in high heels. XDDDDD EW. Thank goodness I had the furry legwarmers with me so no one really noticed anything funny about my shoes, but damn I felt ugly and self-conscious walking out in them! However, I was heading to a party and the night had a chance to turn into a very long one, and since my feet were hurting at 6 pm I didn't really have a choice...

And it turned out to be a very good idea because the night was looooong and I do believe walking around in my killer heels might have been fatal by the end of the night XD Unfortunately my curls didn't make it to the party, but that's Finnish weather for you, yet again...

Then, while we're waiting for the photoshoot pics to come out, I think I'll just show some pictures I found in my cell while moving the Doppelganger pic to my laptop, mainly to demonstrate my mood over the last few weeks.

Sadness. I still think of this day a lot - that is, my Grandpa's funeral day. You're all probably sick of hearing about it, but don't worry, I'm not gonna get too mopey this time. I just wanted to show you what that day looked like, because even though it was one of the heaviest days in my life and even though it was also one of the coldest days this winter, it was also an extremely beautiful one. Grandpa was always a great friend of nature, and sentimental and silly as it may seem to you, I like to think that Nature kind of wanted to pay him her respects by dressing up in her finest on that day.

Insecurity. What do you think of this outfit? It's very special for me for several reasons I don't particularly want to elaborate here, but I'd like to hear your opinion. Sorry I don't have a better picture, though, and my hair failed a great deal too. .__.

Restlessness. This is Helsinki as seen by me one chilly Saturday morning from the rooftop of my workplace, Stockmann (a department house). You can see the Uspensk Cathedral back there, and a misty horizon that disappears behind the houses - that's where the Baltic Ocean is, near enough to be seen daily but far enough that I never actually bother going to see it. Every time I stand looking in the general direction of it, I can feel my feet itching to go, go, GO already.

Longing. I had a freaking nightmare about being back in Tokyo and it being our last day and me missing several trains on the way to the airport, until I finally ended up in a train that didn't bloody stop in Shinjuku and while I was beginning to fall in despair that I'd never manage to catch my flight, I also noticed that I had left my luggage somewhere. IT WAS AWFUL because you know, I missed home and I was terrified that I had been left alone and that my friends would make it and I wouldn't, but at the same time I was so damn happy about getting to stay there.

I miss Tokyo already. TT_TT

I also haven't been feeling too well lately, both physically and mentally, and last week I finally made the important decision to go to the health inspection my school offers. I haven't been to one for years and I'm terrified of what they'll find. o___o I'm in such a bad shape!

Anyways, I hope to get back to you soon with some hopefully successful shots from last Saturday, but until then - thanks for your support and patience, it means the world to me, and sweet dreams. ♥ See you guys later~