Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beyond Birthday

My birthday came and went and left me older and hugely behind on my homework. (Because I promised myself to just relax all day and not work or worry one bit. I cheated and read some Shakespeare in the morning, but that doesn't count, does it? XD) I already feel horrible for spending a day doing nothing useful o____o I'm so much behind with things I'll probably be writing essays in Tokyo!! (I DID in L.A. X__x BUT I got a 5- for that one, so it paid off! 5 being the highest grade.)

My Grandmother (who has the same birthday as me! o3o) sent me a postcard to congratulate me. She gives me her "warm greetings" (a poor and literal translation for a special purpose). She's in Egypt, ~30 degrees, celebrating her birthday with, idk, her friends, sunshine, camels, pyramids and pharaohs... and I'm here in Finland, ~0 degrees, celebrating mine with wind, rain and school stress. TT_TT What have I ever done to her? Except for buying flight tickets for Dec 25th, which she'll probably never forgive...


  1. is it already 0 degrees in finland? So cold!!
    i'm so glad I moved out of a cold climate :) :)

    Happy belated Birthday!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! That outfit you are wearing looks so cute on you, I just love your hair too!

    Wow, your grandma is so active. My grandma doesn't travel or have friends.