Friday, October 29, 2010

Blue Glitter

Okayyy~ Since Halloween is closing in (though I'll be partying in Halloween costumes in a week, not this weekend D:), I wanted to try out an idea I had for my potential make up. I was torn between trying a pale ice fairy-ish thing and a darker version of the same, and the result is kind of not dark enough/not pale enough. The blue glitter worked surprisingly well, though.

I couldn't find my bottom lashes ;__;

Here you can also see how the green lenses look on me~ As I said, it's pretty much my own color but a little more vivid + they make my eyes look bigger. Btw, this is the first time I'm showing a close-up pic of my eye. XD I simply hate close-ups of myself. This one, too, but my expression was so silly I had to cut it out.

This is how it looked after a touch of Photoshop. :_D It doesn't really look much like me, which means my Photoshopping was, for once, successful... I guess...

Still not sure if I'll wear that make up or if I'll dress as a witch or a pirate. And anyways, if I do that make up, what will I wear with it? :o Oh, decisions...

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