Monday, December 12, 2011

Back to Black

Oops! Yet another two-month gap... But honestly, I've been both busy and boring; there has been very little to post about. Actually, I'm still busy and boring - a week left to finish my BA thesis and three more exams this week, one of them tomorrow, I'm avoiding it by updating my blog - so here you go: a photo spam of the last two months.

We took my little brother to Linnanmäki amusement park to see the light show in October. We had a great time and Miko is really starting to like Aleksi. :D ♥

Then some random outings:

My outfit for my friend's housewarming party... that ended with me patting said friend on the back while she, for the first time in her life, realized that alcohol can do funny things to you when you least expect it. :__D

On October 28th we rooted through the damn city to find a Halloween party but failed spectacularly. We did have a great time at DTM, though - with guys hitting on my bf and him being all confused and jelly and thinking they were after me, which was pretty hilarious and adorable. XD

Then, almost before I knew it, I suddenly realized that I had actually managed to hold on to him for six whole months (seven now!), and had to celebrate it by drawing something on the subject.

Even more amazing is that, after six months of this, his brains haven't melted completely. :D At least he still speaks in relatively coherent sentences, which is more than I can say about myself...

Also, since last year's Halloween party was such a success, Milla and I went ahead and threw one this year as well, this time at my parents' place!

We had punch, "blood", "ectoplasm", "poison" and "maggots", and for food we had zombie hands (pizza), spider cookies, bloody muffins and something blue and moldy. Everything was edible though most of it didn't look like it! (And, in the spirit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, even we were edible, but you'll probably be happy to hear that we decided to refrain from cannibalism this year!)

True to our recently passed six-month point, we looked like a domestic violence poster. But it wasn't the idea XD I was a zombie (and for once actually got to put the bags under my eyes to use, lol) and Aleksi was... something bloody, idek.

The house was full of zombies, vampires, murderers and strange creatures - we even had the Terminator, two strange animals that are probably now extinct, and Conan Barbarian. And one poor avec wearing a suit... either Emma didn't tell him it was a Halloween party, or he was dressed up as a collector. Hmm.

And then it was my birthday! I actually managed to stay awake during lectures that day (yay!), and after them we went to see the new Tintin movie - I loved Tintin as a kid, used to read them aloud to my little brother loooong after he'd learned to read himself :3 I actually loved the movie! The one thing that bothered me were the English names, since the Finnish comics I read as a kid used the original names, except of course in the case of Tintin (Fin. Tintti) himself. :D

Boring lectures have not only enhanced my natural talent for falling asleep anywhere, anytime, but also boosted my interest in drawing - since it's the only way to stay awake sometimes! As I said, I got hooked on Supernatural over the summer, so I draw SPN a lot.

But that doesn't mean that I neglect other topics, either! Have an extremely pretty-boy-ish Snufkin (Nuuskamuikkunen) from Moomin. :D I'm actually ridiculously proud of that one, even though I kind of half-assed the coloring and particularly the shading.

And then I decided that since I missed the black and white hairdo, the pink was refusing to stay in my hair, and anyway I had half a bottle of black dye still lying around in my closet, I'd go back to black - though with the process of removing all that black last spring still clear in my memory, I decided to go for a few black stripes instead of dyeing half of my head black.

So here you go: Cruella de Ville, vol. 2!

I'll try to see if I can actually get back to posting after I've submitted my BA thesis, but honestly I'm so behind on everything because of school that I'm not sure if I'll manage...

Also sorry for not having had the time to stalk you guys properly, but do let me hear from you! Miss you all! ♥