Friday, October 29, 2010

Blue Glitter

Okayyy~ Since Halloween is closing in (though I'll be partying in Halloween costumes in a week, not this weekend D:), I wanted to try out an idea I had for my potential make up. I was torn between trying a pale ice fairy-ish thing and a darker version of the same, and the result is kind of not dark enough/not pale enough. The blue glitter worked surprisingly well, though.

I couldn't find my bottom lashes ;__;

Here you can also see how the green lenses look on me~ As I said, it's pretty much my own color but a little more vivid + they make my eyes look bigger. Btw, this is the first time I'm showing a close-up pic of my eye. XD I simply hate close-ups of myself. This one, too, but my expression was so silly I had to cut it out.

This is how it looked after a touch of Photoshop. :_D It doesn't really look much like me, which means my Photoshopping was, for once, successful... I guess...

Still not sure if I'll wear that make up or if I'll dress as a witch or a pirate. And anyways, if I do that make up, what will I wear with it? :o Oh, decisions...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's All Been Said Before

Haha, so after swapping a few comments with Inka after my last post, we decided to do a spontaneous photoshoot. XD Unfortunately it got really dark before we made it out of the door, so it turned into a spontaneous venting walk.

There was a circus nearby! ♥

She was beautiful as always ;___; ♥ It's weird really how well we can talk to each other, even about things we wouldn't talk about to most of our other friends, even though we haven't known each other for very long. As a matter of fact, this was the first time we decided to meet - usually we just see each other at the bus stop.


After work, I started to think about my Halloween costume, and found my old corset ♥ I haven't worn it once for 3 years and 6 months XD Brings back memories.

I'm considering making a banner for my blog (I seriously suck at photoshopping, but that way I'd learn, right?), but I'm having trouble deciding what to put in it. I don't like my own face enough to put it there. D: I'd grow sick of it in a week! And I don't really trust my drawing skills enough either...

Any ideas? What do you think I should put in a banner?

xxx Henna

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Now You Know

As you can see, I changed my blog name and address. I know it's already the name of my LJ journal but I just like it so much. :3 Hope you'll still find my blog~

Yeah! My new lenses arrived (I thought they'd take a week or two more, awesome *w*), one pair of green and another of (light) brown. I wore the green ones to work yesterday and they blended perfectly into my own eyes, only strengthening my own green and making them look bigger. My superior even complimented on them and said I look "like a cartoon princess". Considering that I was up to my elbows in grimy dishwater, sweaty and messy, that was a pretty nice thing to say. XD

Today, then, I decided to try on the brown ones. At first, I didn't like them, they looked really unnatural and all... and then I had to try on some make up to see how they looked with that, and then new lashes, and then a new hairdo, and before I knew it I was photoshooting like mad. I'm not even going anywhere today haha :__D Now would be a good time to get invited somewhere...

I really, really like how the outfit turned out! I'd been thinking of something like that for ages, but I lacked the long black top I'm wearing under the white one. (Alone, the white one is too short.) Finally got one on Thursday~~

As you can see, I also tried lower lashes for the first time! I cut them out of some old upper ones right before putting them on, so they're kinda crappy. I'm saving so I'm gonna buy proper ones from Japan instead of having them shipped... They looked nice (despite my inexperience in applying them :D) but I'm not sure if I'd dare to wear them anywhere - I'd be worried they'll fall off...

I'm also satisfied with my hair ♥ No extensions because the black part of my hair has faded to a lighter brown again and I'll have to dye it so it'll blend with my extensions nicely. Luckily Nea promised to help, and actually I rather like this hairdo as it is!

The top is really messy though. ^^;; I'll need to learn more...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Healing Tea

Hi again ♥ I know my blog's been getting even more boring than before, but I'm just so busy... and really, when you wake up at 5:30 am, go to school, go to gym, go to work (where you have to wear a uniform and your hair on a ponytail + no nailpolish or accessories) and come home around 11 pm, you don't have much energy to spend on your hair or whatever. Mine looks pretty awful these days, I always hope I won't run into anyone I know...

I've also been a bit down for a while (due to approaching winter depression, I guess... it's pitch black when I get up and leave for school, and it's pitch black when I come home from work. I mean, yeah, I'm more of a evening/night person than a morning/day person, but still, it can be pretty depressing!), so I'm tired all the time, don't get excited about things as easily as before, and school is increasingly hard for me. At the moment, a lot of my notebook doodles look pretty sad and sulky, like this:

(Yes, I draw comic/game characters. Escapism makes me happy. Anyone else like Final Fantasy, btw? ♥)

You've probably seen these already, but I did manage to look presentable ~2 weeks ago, when I met up with Emzi for a cup of coffee and a photoshoot!

My extensions really flopped, though. My own hair stood against the wind and rain pretty well, but the extensions? Ugh.

I liked this school uniform inspired outfit quite a lot, but now I'll have to find some waterproof shoes to be able to wear it now that it's raining all the time :D

On Monday, then, Nea woke me up ridiculously early to go check her new apartment (that she'll be moving into in a few weeks - she hadn't seen it before herself) and then go for a walk with her and her puppy in the forest behind the new house. The house was hideously ugly, but the apartment appears pretty spacey and the rent is quite agreeable, so I guess it doesn't matter. :_D

Then into the forest we went!

We found our way to the ski track that goes near the place we used to live at, but making it back to the car was a whole another matter - and wouldn't you believe it, we actually GOT LOST. We spent some 40 minutes honestly trying to find our way out. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was to send my teacher an email saying "Sorry I wasn't in the class, got lost in the woods"? XDD (This Monday, when I was at the class, he told me, "You know, I've heard my fair share of excuses but yours was really something else... and I actually believe you 'cause it's so unbelievable!")

So that's all for today~ The following month will include a lot of parties etc, so I hope to have more to blog about in near future! And of course, this includes my own birthday coming up so I'm feeling generally a bit more positive~~ :3


Monday, October 4, 2010

Next on Stage: Justin Galber!!

Hiya~ I've been so dolled up these past few days that I now feel pretty naked without contacts or extensions... :'D I don't wear them to school when I'm going to the gym/work/both afterwards.

First, a super random outfit pic:

Because maaaan, I love that hoodie *w* It's cute and warm. Hair looking like whatever again, though...

So, on Saturday I went to see the new Resident Evil movie w/ Emma, because Milla Jovovich rocks and kicks some major zombie ass. ♥ (First there was Shibuya, which went kaboom, and then there was Los Angeles, which had already gone kaboom. They ruined every place I love! XD Excluding Prague - and Finland, of course. Finland usually goes untouched in American movies.)

While I was sitting at the Railway Station waiting for Emma, I noticed four young Chinese people standing nearby, glancing my way with a map in their hands. I figured they were lost tourists and asked if I could help, and explained how to get to Kamppi so they could catch their bus to Turku. Then they suddenly asked if they could take a picture with me! I was like "... :o" and probably came off as a really smart person, but we took a couple of pictures, and just when I was writing down my email add so they could contact me, Emma joined us, and the two girls in the group practically dropped their eyes because she was so gorgeous. XD More picture-taking ensued. It was really weird, nothing like that ever happens to me, and I was so flattered >3< Plus they were really sweet and kind. ♥ The guy who took the photos actually contacted me through Facebook the next day. :D They'd been to Tallinn and had missed their train back to Turku.

Then, on Sunday: the 3rd Gal Meetup!

(This photo was taken with my camera, and within the ten hours it had been in web, someone was quick enough to edit it by circling four of us with red and posting it in gyaru_secrets with a "out of all these gyarus only a few did something to their hair. Did you all have a bad hairday or something?!" I felt like my photo had cheated on me, lol XD)

Since it was the first I attended, I was ridiculously nervous about everything and I think I talked a bit too much. But everyone was so cool and beautiful, I felt like a total noob! Luckily they were also very sweet and easy to get along with, and everyone took me into their discussions and all. I didn't feel left out at all ♥

Photo taken by Pin

My hair kind of went flat sometime between my home and Happi, but I still got a few compliments so I guess it wasn't awful :3

The Meetup divided in two: Pt. 1, the Brunettes ft. Pin who couldn't decide which photo to be in :'D

Pt. 2, the Blondetourage ft. Pin. :D Photo taken by Amanda, I think.

lounging~ photo taken by Satu ♥

I played football w/ Tiia. She won. ;__; photo taken by Satu~

Then we were divided into groups and told to decide on a theme and take a picture together. Ours was the court of a princess. This is an offshoot picture, so it doesn't look very princess-y. XD

Me and Marinka lounging with Pin and the Hat Girl (Anni? Most of the girls were all new to me, so I only remember a few by name, I'm sorry ;___;) in the background. Photo taken by Satu :3

I have a zillion more photos because as usual, I went paparazzi all over the meetup, but I think I'll leave it here. For more, check out our FB page! ♥ I had a great time, thanks to everyone who attended - I was worried I'd be so bored/intimidated that I'd have to leave in the middle, but I ended up being one of the last ones to leave - and I'll def be back for November's Halloween meetup!