Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!

(3 awesome Halloween parties later...) [pretty much copied from my LJ entry because I'm lazy like that XD]

A MAJOR photo spam of my Halloween!! I was hideously busy yesterday, first with a Halloween-themed Gal meetup and then a Halloween party at Milla's place~ (not to mention organizing a Halloween-themed Christmas party for the people at my workplace on Friday!) but I had such a great time!! I seriously don't remember the last time I enjoyed my life as much as I did yesterday.

Apparently my outfit was successful too!! My self-confidence went from six feet under right through the roof because everyone was so nice to me and I got a lot of compliments! o3o I've been so down lately, this was exactly what I needed ;___;

This is how I looked at the party on Friday! I'm so bummed I couldn't find a nice jacket so my outfit was kinda lame... But I really like how the military hat + eye-patch thing worked out 8) I don't have any photos because I left my camera at home... I'm hoping my co-workers will upload some later, if they're any good I'll show them then ♥

The Gal Meetup @ Happi

I was the Wicked Witch of the North ♥ XD

On Saturday, 12:30 pm, we met up at the Helsinki Central Railway Station as usual, took a subway and headed to have a Halloween gal party! I'm too tired to write a full account (and what would you do with one, really?), but let's just say I enjoyed it even more than last time because now I got to know some girls better. ♥

Emma braved the lions' den and came with me, this time~ But she had to leave in the middle for work, so she couldn't do a Halloween costume

"Hey baby did you hurt yourself when you fell from Heaven? ;D"
"Bitch, PLEASE! Remove yourself from my personal space, I'm not interested!"

Great minds think alike, so it's no surprise our costumes were alike as well! We had feather boas...

... cats (and a mouse!)...

... and of course, witches!!

I had a great time and I was so sad I had to leave so early D: But I hope I'll be free for the next meetup! ♥

The Party @ TilQ's

So, after the flight with my fellow witches of the West, the East and the South, I headed out on a heroic adventure to find my way to TilQ's place in the dark! I was successful until near the end, where the evil night made me take a wrong turn and get lost lol XD After walking back and forth for a while, I found a familiar crossroad, promptly walked to the wrong door and retreated before ringing the doorbell because there wasn't enough noise coming from behind the door... Milla lived in the house next to that one. XD

Having finally gotten to the next level, I was now faced with another challenge: monsters were pouring on me from all around! This is what greeted me when I came in:

The food was really gourmet: brain muffins, a hand-shaped pizza-kinda-thing and candy worms (below)!

After a while, this is what the pizza-hand-thing looked like...


The most intense moment of the night: the Terminator slays the innocent maiden!

That's about it ♥ Meetup pictures are taken by me, Satu and several others who we trusted our cameras with (including Emma and Ella). Party photos taken by me, Milla or... well one of our guests. XD


  1. I love your first costume with the military cap and the eyepatch, it's so cool. You make me want to wear an eyepatch XD

    Thanks for sharing all the pics from the meetup, it looked very fun and everyone had cute costumes!

  2. Sun asut on kyl niin *3* <3 Oli kivaa nähä pikaisesti perjantaina. Mennään seriously joskus jonneki kahvilaan vaa notkumaan ja pölisee juttuja. xD

  3. Ens ma kuulostaa oikein hyvälle, tuun hulluks mun megahyppytunneilla kun ei oo mitää tekemistä. ´ww` Tänäänki vaa notkuin reilu 4 tuntia tekemättä mitään. >'D

  4. toi sun asu oli vaan niiin ihana ♥ ;w;

    kiitos mukavasta miitistä! :3

  5. i like ur blog and ur style^^

    i will follow u^^

  6. hahahaha i'll be ur spanish teacher^^

  7. your costume was awesomeeee! Loved it ^^ <3