Sunday, November 14, 2010

As Vain As I Allow

1. IT'S A BOY IT'S A BOY IT'S A BOY ;_____; Jenna texted me today to tell that both she and her newborn baby boy are well and ready to rock the world and I very nearly ruined my make up weeping out of joy. ♥ She was my best friend in fourth grade, but we lost contact for years, so even though this is her second child, he's the first one I knew to expect, so in a way this is the first time anyone of my friends had a baby *w* I'm so happy for them~~~

2. Tsukicon came and went and I'll post more about it some other day (when I have time), because right now I'm still sort of rolling in insecurity and embarrassment over not looking at my best and being so blah all the time and whatever... They also interviewed a lot of girls for some sort of document kind of thing on Finnish gals (I think XD), and I was among them and got to demonstrate my miserable pronunciation in three different languages.

Actually, I didn't really like the interview much. They started by asking if I am "gyaru", and I was like, "Uhh, I try to be?" and obviously confused them. D: But I really hate to label myself, and I also know that if I announce publicly "I am gyaru", I'll get the hounds on me in a nanosecond telling me just what I'm doing wrong. If I have to label myself, then yeah it would be gyaru. But I'm really wary about saying things like that...

Then it was "where did you buy the clothes you're wearing". Damn if I remember! Something from Shibuya, something from H&M, something from Guess... I don't really do brands. I'm a student, my wallet is always on a diet. (I swear if they're gonna pick just one thing from my interview, it's going to be "I usually buy pretty cheap clothes. I'm a student." - and probably without the latter sentence... XD)

Next was who do I get ideas from - they wanted names. I COULDN'T REMEMBER ANY. So I just rambled something about Charlotte, Viivi and Pin, and then listed the names of the few models I could remember. All of them were Egg models and I don't really follow Egg style X____x

Then they wanted to take pictures and talked something about posing, but I was so nervous I probably looked like I was sitting on a cactus and wasn't even sure if I was supposed to stay rooted to spot or strike a pose at some point...

After the pictures the interviewer wanted to ask one more question - about my pink highlights. Who did I get the idea from? I desperately wanted to say it was something I'd come up with on my own, but since I'd seen shock colors on some models, too, I figured that would have seemed a bit arrogant... So I just stammered something about seeing it on some model whose name I couldn't remember. ;___;

Poor quality picture of the post-con look today, make up surprisingly still intact by hair rather flat. Still, I really liked my hair today and it stayed amazingly well curled - probably because I used up all my hairspray. I don't have any left. X___x

And you know what? After all this, the most wonderful thing in the world is to come home, take off your extensions, lenses and lashes, change into woolly socks and sweatpants and shovel some noodles into your mouth while looking like a complete and total slob. This weekend has been both a nice ego booster and a serious blow to my self-confidence...

Thank you for all you lovely people who came to talk to me and kept me company ♥ I'll be back on the subject when I get some pictures from others and have some time~ :3


  1. Oh its so sweet you are so happy and supportive of your friend with her new baby, you must be a wonderful friend^^

    I think we all think of the things we did wrong/want to do differnet when we are put on the spot like an interview. But I can't wait to see that interview, I bet you look so lovely you don't need to worry at all!

  2. You know, I feel like one can never be TOO ready for any kind of interview regarding GAL style ... The community makes it such that there are too many right or wrong answers, one loses how one really feels when they're trying to think of the right thing to say & not get blasted later...
    I'm sure you did great & looked great! Welcome home~

  3. Indeed it was n__n ♥ Ja buahahahah! Levitän sitä viruksen lailla...

  4. Well Japanese think of labels differenly than we do. They love the idea of being "one of the group" that's why labels are so popular here.

    But living in a western world I often found it weird to announce "I'ma gyaru too". But I actually got used to it the more I said it haha.

    I hope the interview turned out well tho~~