Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Painting Flowers

Oh gosh, I have the worst headache I've had in ages... you know you haven't slept enough when you put lotion on your hands when you go to sleep and it hasn't completely absorbed by the time you wake up.

So. Still learning to use the falsies - the new contacts are working just perfect, and I'm already thinking of ordering different colors... Any ideas or recommendations? I've always wanted brown at least...

With purple eyeshadow. Does it look bad?

+ a goofy grin. My nose is huge and just seeing my teeth makes me miserable...

Anyways, I'm off to do some studying now (provided that the headache gets the hell outta my head and I can actually concentrate), see ya ♥

Sunday, September 26, 2010

there's a place downtown

Hi there~~ Mostly pictures this time - I don't have much time before I'll have to head to work, I'm a little tired and I don't really have much to tell anyways :3

Sooo~~ went to see D'espairsRay on Wednesday, and since queuing wasn't on top of our To Do-list, Maria and I decided to check out the Thai buffet in Kaisaniemi and the purikura booths near it. Not as good as the ones we took in Japan, but not bad either~

(Never mind my hair. The weather was awful.)

Then we decided to warm our fingers around a nice hot cup of tea @ Johto, and ended up cooling our fingers around a class of cider, instead. Maria got a milkshake too, to make sure her fingers wouldn't get too warm.

What I wore to Despa - as you can see, my hair WAS okay at some point of the day...

Then, Elsi's b-day party! On Friday it was just the three of us - Emma, Elsi and me - and Huuma, where we met up with Rikkis, TilQ & Etku.

We got started at Emma's place. ♥

Yesterday! Elsi's b-day party pt. 2, and before it, a party at our neighbor house~

It's so hard to eat something that still has its eyes to stare back at you!! o__o

Leijo & I playing billiard @ Porkku :3 I had a different camera here and it shows in the quality...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

run and hide

Yay, finally got that dress back from Virpi who was kind enough to resize it for me ♥ So, after avoiding writing an essay by cleaning, cooking and cleaning some more, I had to come up with something else... and I ended up trying out a new hairdo.

It looks kinda messy (but it's only my first time trying it) but I kinda like how it turned out~~

Then a slightly different variation, experimenting with the extensions that just arrived on Friday!

What do you think of the pink highlight?

That's all for today~ I guess now I'll have to actually try to tackle the essay. :DD

Monday, September 13, 2010

☆ Fallen ☆

What? Henna, skipping a party in order to save money, sleep longer, clean the kitchen and - take her camera out for a fall-y walk?

Well, yeah. And damn do I feel great about it. ♥

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back to school

Sooo, school has officially started again - and so has the partying!

These two pictures are (c) Nea Malin, I snatched them out of her FB. :D My eyes looked weird in the first one so lol yeah XD But otherwise I rather liked how I looked :3

w/ Mirka & Jaakko

A crappy outfit pic of what I wore to go to Nea's place for coffee and cake (that I brought XD) with Emma, Elsi and Pihla :3

And an even crappier pic of what I wore to the University's Opening Party yesterday! I couldn't take a better pic because some chicks were giving me really strange looks o__o I hate it that I can't turn off the shutter sound of my cell camera...

Anyways, since the pic doesn't really show what I wore, it's was pretty much this outfit all over again:

Though with different shoes & hair & all. :D

On another note, I feel sort of plump at the moment, I've only slept for three hours and after just two days of school I already feel overloaded with work. X___x

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tea is my anti-depressant

Hi again~ After a quick dip into the more gothic side of my soul last night (including writing like my life depended on it), I'm ready to feel bubbly and pink again. ♥

Helping me on this journey to the bright side of life are the tea flowers Emma brought me from Prague and the cup Elsi got me for Christmas a few years back. The flower looks like something strange and tentacly in the picture, but it was very pretty in reality! The tea was good, too. The side of the cup says, "You're gorgeous!" which is just what I needed to hear. ♥ I picked this hugeass cup because I had no idea how big the flower would be - otherwise I usually use this not-quite-a-cup-not-quite-a-bowl for soup. :D

Finding this display of sewing and fashion skills helped, too. I must have been 13 when I made this in school... I quit handcrafts after this and took as much of arts as I could. You can probably guess why lol :__D (I was a hardcore Gryffindor fan, so I have no idea why my bag says Draco Malfoy and Slytherin. No, wait... it was probably because a snake was a tad bit easier to do than a lion...)

Oh, and then I played some Heroes of Might and Magic III, and beating virtual enemies cheered me up considerably. Video games should be a form of therapy. ♥

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome Hello Goodbye!

We hosted a family reunion today, and I met a lot of relatives I would have never recognized as such if I'd met them somewhere else... I don't even know all their names :'D BUT the food was great, the drinks were okay, the compliments were awesome!

I felt perhaps a little overdressed... but not too much.

My room as it was BEFORE I cleaned it for this speshul occasion. :D

... And afterwards. :D