Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something I Don't Wanna Understand

What?! Maaaaaan, I seriously hate and loathe blogspot X____x Now I'm suddenly and spontaneously "not currently following any blogs. click here to add one", but when I try to add the blogs I've been following, it says I already follow them - or to try again later. But I can't see them on my stalking list. ;__________;

I HATE BLOGSPOT WITH A PASSION. I guess I'm a bit of a dinosaur but fahdasjkdakld why couldn't everyone stay in LJ... It's so much easier replying straight to the comments and having a clear and simple friends page to look at... And I like being able to change my icon, too...

Good old days never come back... .___.

On a more positive note, I noticed I'd gained ~10 new followers since telling the address in the FB page of Finnish Gal Meetups yesterday. :o I still have very few, but every single one makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and all comments are treasured ;___; Thank you! Maybe when I have a nice, still undecided, round number of readers (if ever XD) I'll do something special... Not sure what, though. I'm not much a friend of giveaways because they seem a bit too much like bribing people to like you (... XDD Well, I'd feel that way...), but I really can't do much - I draw alright and write alright but I'm guessing that's not exactly what people reading this blog are after.

Since blogspot still claims I'm following some of the blogs I used to, I'll just wait until tomorrow and see if they suddenly pop up from somewhere. If not... I guess I'll start adding them again, though that'll take forever and I don't think I'll find some again, since I don't remember blog names. :< (Do I show in your followers list, btw?)

Leg still sore; stairs, walking downhill and walking after sitting for a relatively long time still a pain. No gym for a while, apparently.

No pictures this time, but I hope to add some tomorrow - when it's my birthday ♥ I got some pictures from the party on Friday, so I can even show the eye-patch outfit a little better. :3 Now I'm off to dye Elsi's hair~

(Btw, I heard yesterday that one of the girls at the party on Friday - that is, one of my co-workers - got mugged on the way home from the party. She was attacked, beaten and left unconscious on the street, wallet, phone and camera stolen. They can't even tell if her nose is broken or not because it's still so swollen. She'll be in a hospital for at least a week. I feel so bad for her (even though I don't know her at all - she's new) ;___; Hope she gets well soon.)



  1. Oh sometimes blogger says I'm not following any blogs, but when I come back later they are all there again. I'm sorry to hear you are having those troubles ><

  2. Blogspot is annoying me too! Sometimes it wont let me followe people .__.
    Finally got to follow yours! ♥

  3. Ugh I know the feeling. Sometimes it won't let me log in even tho my info is correct. @____@;