Saturday, October 23, 2010

Now You Know

As you can see, I changed my blog name and address. I know it's already the name of my LJ journal but I just like it so much. :3 Hope you'll still find my blog~

Yeah! My new lenses arrived (I thought they'd take a week or two more, awesome *w*), one pair of green and another of (light) brown. I wore the green ones to work yesterday and they blended perfectly into my own eyes, only strengthening my own green and making them look bigger. My superior even complimented on them and said I look "like a cartoon princess". Considering that I was up to my elbows in grimy dishwater, sweaty and messy, that was a pretty nice thing to say. XD

Today, then, I decided to try on the brown ones. At first, I didn't like them, they looked really unnatural and all... and then I had to try on some make up to see how they looked with that, and then new lashes, and then a new hairdo, and before I knew it I was photoshooting like mad. I'm not even going anywhere today haha :__D Now would be a good time to get invited somewhere...

I really, really like how the outfit turned out! I'd been thinking of something like that for ages, but I lacked the long black top I'm wearing under the white one. (Alone, the white one is too short.) Finally got one on Thursday~~

As you can see, I also tried lower lashes for the first time! I cut them out of some old upper ones right before putting them on, so they're kinda crappy. I'm saving so I'm gonna buy proper ones from Japan instead of having them shipped... They looked nice (despite my inexperience in applying them :D) but I'm not sure if I'd dare to wear them anywhere - I'd be worried they'll fall off...

I'm also satisfied with my hair ♥ No extensions because the black part of my hair has faded to a lighter brown again and I'll have to dye it so it'll blend with my extensions nicely. Luckily Nea promised to help, and actually I rather like this hairdo as it is!

The top is really messy though. ^^;; I'll need to learn more...


  1. Must noi on just ihanasti laitetut hiukset ♥ Ja oho en eka tajunnu et sul on uudet linssit, kauniin väriset. n__n Mehä voitais joskus mennä photoshoottaamaan ku asutaan niin lähellä toisiamme? 8D

  2. Ole hyvä! Ja jee kiitos kun tuet mun kameleonttimaisuuttani >D Ei olla liian rajoittuneita ihmisiä ♥

    Mul oli just eilen tollai ku kiharsin tukkaa ja laitoin ripset ja sit kuitenki vaa datasin koko illan ja yön ja luin nettimangaa. XD

  3. Nyyh that's so sad...<///3 T__T

  4. Kyllä mulle sopii XD Alan saman tien laittaa itteeni ku vähä oon lag mut ku kerran sain syyn meikata ja laittaa lisäkkeet nii miksipäs ei :--D

  5. Voidaan metsäillä ja leikkipuistoilla ja mitä tahansa mitä keksitään, vähä ex temporella XD Lämpöisää vain päälle >DD