Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's All Been Said Before

Haha, so after swapping a few comments with Inka after my last post, we decided to do a spontaneous photoshoot. XD Unfortunately it got really dark before we made it out of the door, so it turned into a spontaneous venting walk.

There was a circus nearby! ♥

She was beautiful as always ;___; ♥ It's weird really how well we can talk to each other, even about things we wouldn't talk about to most of our other friends, even though we haven't known each other for very long. As a matter of fact, this was the first time we decided to meet - usually we just see each other at the bus stop.


After work, I started to think about my Halloween costume, and found my old corset ♥ I haven't worn it once for 3 years and 6 months XD Brings back memories.

I'm considering making a banner for my blog (I seriously suck at photoshopping, but that way I'd learn, right?), but I'm having trouble deciding what to put in it. I don't like my own face enough to put it there. D: I'd grow sick of it in a week! And I don't really trust my drawing skills enough either...

Any ideas? What do you think I should put in a banner?

xxx Henna


  1. Toi bannerin duunaus on kyllä rankkaa, se pitäis olla hieno ja sellanen mitä jaksais kattoa ainakin pari kuukautta ennen ku vaihtaa. Hmmm. Olis kiva nähdä siinä sun kuva! vaikka sivuprofiili ja katse kohti otsikkoa? hehe:D

    Ihania kuvia, oot kyllä siro ja kaunis! Ja samoin Inka!!

  2. Joo! n__n Olisit vaa pistäny viestii ku olin kyl liikenteessä. XD Tosin en tiedä olisinko ollu nii innostavaa seuraa ku on ollu kauheeta draamaa päällä. Mut no maanantaisin oon aina vapaa ajal 09:35-13:30 että... >D

    Toi kampaus oli kyl aika nopeesti hutastu mut toki voin tulla joku kaunis päivä neuvoo miten sellanen tehdään. XD Pelkäsin et näytän kauheelle noi piilarit naamas mut kyl ne iha kivat oli, onneks. n__n

  3. Cool outfits! *__*

    I'm gonna be red riding hood with gyaru styling on halloween :P

  4. Awwe you're both wearing awesome tights! :)