Saturday, February 12, 2011


This weekend has been great. o3o No school or work on Friday or Sunday, and a nice morning shift on Saturday - yes, there have been some bad moments, like my knee bothering me again yesterday and general moodiness taking over my mind for a while at work today, but in general things have gone well, and I've managed to catch up with some of my reading and sleeping. I was, only two days ago, devastated that I couldn't even get my hands on the two books I had to read before Monday for my Gothic Lit and Children's Lit classes, but then a friend of mine gave me his version of the Castle of Otranto and I realized I already had Wind in the Willows and ta-dah, I was saved. ♥

On a downside, I have an exam on Classic Literature on Tuesday, and I can't seem to get along with Odyssey due to it being a poor translation. Or what I perceive as a poor translation...

But that concludes my literature snob-ing because I'm guessing half of you are already yawning. :D Now, I'm going to spend a moment being super vain because it's just so RARE that someone takes the time to take photos of me - and better still, takes photos I actually like *w*

So it's time to go PINK! in the form of the fruits of the studio photoshoot I mentioned last time. This time, I'm only showing photos taken by Satu, as Miki has yet to give me hers. Incidentally, they are all taken against a pink background... and unfortunately in almost exactly the same outfit, but that's mostly due to my laziness - I didn't want to change too many times, and it would have ruined my hair, too. XD

All photos below are taken and photoshopped by Satu Kaarnakangas; in three cases I have added some light and contrast because the original looked very dark at least on my computer. I hope you don't mind this, Satu ♥ This is in no way because I wasn't satisfied with your versions, because you did a wonderful job - I guess I'm just used to photoshopping my photos beyond repair to hide the dark bags under my eyes... XDDDD

Unfortunately, I hadn't really thought this through, and my tights look a little awkward. I wish I had noticed so I could have pulled them up ;____;

The same mistake again. D:

For the past few weeks, Saara and I have taken the habit to have lunch together on Tuesdays - which, naturally, lead to us talking almost exclusively about the week's g_s entry. XD How convenient. The funny thing is, it took a while before we realized we were doing that. This Gossip Girl photoshoot was inspired by this realization. ♥

I really like how we are kind of "black" and "white" here - but Satu was devastated because of course it was difficult to take a picture that shows both of our colors well... I think she did pretty well though.

This was inspired mostly by the colors of the fans clashing with the background so hilariously. :D

Saara described herself as a "monster" in this one - would that make my expression a "Lookie, even monsters eat from my palm!" one? :__D I personally find it adorable.

This one Saara described as a "incredibly cliche soft porn pic". I kind of have to agree. XD I still find it kind of cute, though.

And finally, my absolute favorite, even if it has my slightly retarded face in it. I like the pose, I like the colors, and I adore the photoshopping Satu has done to give it a slightly misty, dreamlike feeling.

Of course, after the photos she took last Halloween, I had no doubt about Satu's abilities - but still, I'm slightly amazed at how good I can look when someone like her is taking the photos. :o I guess it's because she's going to be a pro some day - but then again, school photos are taken by pros and I always looked HORRIBLE in them, no matter how pretty I looked otherwise!

... not that I actually did look very pretty back then. ;___; Do you guys ever wish you had dressed differently in past? I do, all the time. I really regret not going all the way with all the visual kei stuff and so on, because I'm perhaps a bit too old to get to it now... But I was way too shy and considered myself rather ugly at the time. :/ It's kind of sad, don't you think? (Of course, I was also too poor to afford it myself, and Mom refused to fund me... :_D)

So, what do you guys think of the photos? ♥

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