Sunday, January 9, 2011

you're always gonna stay on my mind

(copy+paste from my lj with several changes because I'm tired~ Text heavy but with pictures in the end!)

Home sweet home *w* I loved Japan and I miss it so much already, but I missed my family and friends and home, too. And the luxury of, you know, it being warm indoors, and having lights in the shower room... It's sort of nice to think that next time I go out I won't have five other people squished against me and five hands groping me in the crowd, too.

The idea of waking up ridiculously early tomorrow doesn't thrill me at all, though. -____-;;

Anyways, since I took some 800 photos and each of my friends probably took as much as well, it'll take a while to do a proper post about our trip. :3 But in any case, I had a great time and spending all my waking moments with my friends kept me from dwelling on Grandpa's death or other sad things. At first I felt pretty guilty when I realized that I hadn't really thought about Grandpa for a few days, but then I thought, I came here to heal and recover! It just caught me by surprise that it was so effective - though I'm sure being back here in the cold and dark Finland will bring the dark thoughts back as well soon. But at least I had some time to recover, and that's entirely thanks to my wonderful companions, especially Rikkis and Milla.

So while recovering, I had the time of my life! I shopped more than ever, I tried karaoke for the first time and absolutely loved it, I got brave and tried Japanese food instead of relying on my trusty gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free and nut-free McDonald's fries, I learned to use chopsticks, I partied like mad, I threw a coin and made a wish at a temple, I tried on a ridiculously expensive wedding kimono, I bought a candy apple on a stick thingy from a stand near the temple (I'd wanted try one since forever!!) - and then, after all these good things something had to go wrong, too, so I almost killed myself by eating peanuts.

Accidentally, of course. (For those who don't know, I'm allergic like whoa, and yeah, it means I can die if I eat something wrong.)

Soooo, I got to add an ambulance ride and a night at a foreign hospital to my growing list of new experiences. The night staff spoke about as much English as I did Japanese, and that would have been a serious problem if a friend of Jijun's (I think that's how they spell it...), who was a friend of Vili's and was at the restaurant with us, hadn't been around. He skipped work to come to the hospital with me, and with his English skills we managed to get on the same page with the doctors. After that, he headed to work and I never really got to talk to him properly, or to even ask his name... But I hope I'll find out through Vili because I didn't even get the chance to thank him. :o

The doctor who came to see me in the morning spoke English very well, and I was treated very well, but the hospital bill really freaked me out. 1500 euros for one night? WHOA. Thank god for travel insurances - I'll just have to hope they'll pay at least most of it back. (In case you're wondering, I didn't exactly have such sums lying around in my pockets. I had to phone my parents and ask them to transfer the money to my account, waking them up at 4 am in the process. They weren't happy but agreed that whether the insurance covers it all or not, what's most important is that I'm alive and well and was able to catch the flight back as planned.)

Well, back to happier things: a few pictures before I go to bed :3

The freak team! Rikkis, Toni and Vili in the upper row, me and Milla in the lower. Presented at our best, naturally. :D

w/ Rikkis~

Harajuku :3

At an arcade hall in Ikebukuro - Toni missed this one because he was too busy beating his way through every game in the building...

Higashi-Nakano station. This is where we lived. ♥

Hachiko!! ;___; In Shibuya.

And shameless single-purikura-ing with a demonstration of how awful my purikura handwriting is. :D

That's about it for now. ♥ See you guys later!

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