Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Can Wait

Not much to say except that uni life + work are getting ready to kick my ass again for the next few months! Still, at least for now, I've managed to find some time to meet up with friends... or some of them at least. On Friday I had a drink and some two hours of awesome gossiping with Elsi, and on Saturday I went out to celebrate the beginning of the spring semester with my Eng Phil buddies, with Emma as my date. I guess that strawberry from the cocktail was perhaps one shot too much, but I had a great time partying with my favorite gal for the first time in looooong while~ Although one of my overknee socks (I wore them outdoors but took them off at the club) sort of didn't make it back home... xDDDDD (I dropped it in the crowd at the cloakroom and couldn't find it anymore, mind you. It's not like I went stripping all around the city. :D)

Too bad my cameras have been kind of m.i.a. so even though I've put some effort to dressing up I don't have any photos ;___; Except from yesterday, when Inka and I FINALLY got our skinny butts up and dragged them and our cameras outdoors while there was still enough light for some photoshooting!

I'm afraid I didn't look at my best, though... but my defense is that I'd been partying the night before, had only slept a few hours and was slightly hungover in the morning, thus the ridiculous amount of make up. :D My hair is a horrible mess (and my roots span a mile!!) because I didn't have the time to re-curl my hair properly, so some of it is from the night before...

Inka, of course, was dazzling as usual. ♥

The place we picked was a playground called Etanapuisto (Snail Park aww XD) near our houses, and of course our inner children went all wild~

Ahhhh my hair looks horrible. Don't look at it. X___x Anyways, some kids had carved their names in the wood and it looks like there's a little girl called Neea somewhere in the neighborhood who's really popular among the boys! Haha how cute is that. XD

No one ever carved my name and a heart anywhere ;____;

By the way, I just realized that my spring term will be mostly about awesome books! I get to read stuff like Peter Pan, Jane Austen, various versions of Cinderella, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray, classical Greek drama such as Medea and Odyssey and so on! Books and books about fantasy, relationship drama, gods, devils, monsters, sinners, saints, fairies, and madness! No linguistics, no phonetics, no god-awful translations, but children's literature, Gothic novels, Victorian literature and Greek drama! Call me a nerd if you want but I very much prefer doing my homework and essays on Dracula to the structural analysis of English language (which, unfortunately, is one of my courses this spring, but that's one against four!)

So if I appear somewhat absent-minded and even weirder than usual, it's probably because I'm up to my ears in escapism. ♥

ps. Minä haluan isoimmat ja kauneimmat, eikä niissä saa olla säröjä!

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