Sunday, September 26, 2010

there's a place downtown

Hi there~~ Mostly pictures this time - I don't have much time before I'll have to head to work, I'm a little tired and I don't really have much to tell anyways :3

Sooo~~ went to see D'espairsRay on Wednesday, and since queuing wasn't on top of our To Do-list, Maria and I decided to check out the Thai buffet in Kaisaniemi and the purikura booths near it. Not as good as the ones we took in Japan, but not bad either~

(Never mind my hair. The weather was awful.)

Then we decided to warm our fingers around a nice hot cup of tea @ Johto, and ended up cooling our fingers around a class of cider, instead. Maria got a milkshake too, to make sure her fingers wouldn't get too warm.

What I wore to Despa - as you can see, my hair WAS okay at some point of the day...

Then, Elsi's b-day party! On Friday it was just the three of us - Emma, Elsi and me - and Huuma, where we met up with Rikkis, TilQ & Etku.

We got started at Emma's place. ♥

Yesterday! Elsi's b-day party pt. 2, and before it, a party at our neighbor house~

It's so hard to eat something that still has its eyes to stare back at you!! o__o

Leijo & I playing billiard @ Porkku :3 I had a different camera here and it shows in the quality...


  1. Your gorgeous long hair makes my hair look short!

  2. omg your hair looks even cuter curled haha!! :)
    And your lashes look nice too~~