Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back to school

Sooo, school has officially started again - and so has the partying!

These two pictures are (c) Nea Malin, I snatched them out of her FB. :D My eyes looked weird in the first one so lol yeah XD But otherwise I rather liked how I looked :3

w/ Mirka & Jaakko

A crappy outfit pic of what I wore to go to Nea's place for coffee and cake (that I brought XD) with Emma, Elsi and Pihla :3

And an even crappier pic of what I wore to the University's Opening Party yesterday! I couldn't take a better pic because some chicks were giving me really strange looks o__o I hate it that I can't turn off the shutter sound of my cell camera...

Anyways, since the pic doesn't really show what I wore, it's was pretty much this outfit all over again:

Though with different shoes & hair & all. :D

On another note, I feel sort of plump at the moment, I've only slept for three hours and after just two days of school I already feel overloaded with work. X___x

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