Sunday, September 19, 2010

run and hide

Yay, finally got that dress back from Virpi who was kind enough to resize it for me ♥ So, after avoiding writing an essay by cleaning, cooking and cleaning some more, I had to come up with something else... and I ended up trying out a new hairdo.

It looks kinda messy (but it's only my first time trying it) but I kinda like how it turned out~~

Then a slightly different variation, experimenting with the extensions that just arrived on Friday!

What do you think of the pink highlight?

That's all for today~ I guess now I'll have to actually try to tackle the essay. :DD


  1. You are beautiful! And the hairdo looks great!

  2. Onneks olin tähystyspaikalla ku siel jonos oli nii ahdistavaa XD Toisel puolel tietä oli paljon mukavampaa hengailla. :--D Ja anteeksi että kaaduin tyylikkäästi melkein päällesi mutku se ihme nainen vaan tupsahti mun eteen ja sitten horjahdinkin että hups vain! XD

    Mut oli kyllä tosi kivaa nähdä jee ♥ Pitää näkyillä useamminkin kun meillä tuntuu aina riittävän juttua keskenämme. >D

  3. Omg I just love your hair!!
    Did you dye it yourself or did you get it done?