Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tea is my anti-depressant

Hi again~ After a quick dip into the more gothic side of my soul last night (including writing like my life depended on it), I'm ready to feel bubbly and pink again. ♥

Helping me on this journey to the bright side of life are the tea flowers Emma brought me from Prague and the cup Elsi got me for Christmas a few years back. The flower looks like something strange and tentacly in the picture, but it was very pretty in reality! The tea was good, too. The side of the cup says, "You're gorgeous!" which is just what I needed to hear. ♥ I picked this hugeass cup because I had no idea how big the flower would be - otherwise I usually use this not-quite-a-cup-not-quite-a-bowl for soup. :D

Finding this display of sewing and fashion skills helped, too. I must have been 13 when I made this in school... I quit handcrafts after this and took as much of arts as I could. You can probably guess why lol :__D (I was a hardcore Gryffindor fan, so I have no idea why my bag says Draco Malfoy and Slytherin. No, wait... it was probably because a snake was a tad bit easier to do than a lion...)

Oh, and then I played some Heroes of Might and Magic III, and beating virtual enemies cheered me up considerably. Video games should be a form of therapy. ♥