Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Phew! I'm on vacation! Finally - all my shifts and exams are over for now. ♥ The funeral is over as well, and went as well as funerals ever can. I still cry every day at least once, but generally I feel a lot better, like a circle has closed finally. I'm sorry I always talk about this, but it really hit me hard and it will take a while before I can fully recover.

This, of course, leaves me and my family running like mad to do all the preparations for Christmas and for my trip to Japan, because both have been largely ignored lately. Worse still, the snowstorms in Finland have pretty much kept all major airports in Europe closed - including Schiphol, via which we're supposed to be flying on Saturday! I'm worried sick we'll either be stuck in Amsterdam or unable to leave at all. D:

Anyways, I promised some photos last time, didn't I? Well, first, let's see how my hair turned out after the episode in my drawing...

Lol, sorry I don't have a better pic. XD Anyways, like I said, I dyed the formerly-blue extensions red! Inspired by Linni and Satu, I wanted to try some red, since I've always considered myself a redhead and used to be one for years. It felt so good to look down and see RED HAIR for the first time in a couple of years! ♥ Gosh I'd missed red hair so much :_D Anyways, what do you think? Does it look strange to have white, black AND red in my hair? Is it too much?

Anyways, I haven't been out much these days - just working and going to school and spending the rest of the time with my family, and I haven't seen any of my friends for weeks ;___; (Excluding just last night, when I fixed this matter by having a movie night with Emma and Vesa!) For this reason, I haven't really looked like much, either.

Most of my outfits have been pretty simple and comfy, with barely any accessories.

And since I've been sick, my face hasn't been particularly charming either, and I see no trace of the beautiful tan I had last summer. ;____; I've gotten pale, plain and boring again. I hope to get my inspiration back in Japan - if I get there at all, that is :D My luck has been good this far - I mean, I got to Los Angeles through the volcanic ash cloud, too - I'm just hoping I won't run out of it now.

Btw, is anyone going be in Japan around New Year? I'll be there from Dec 26th to Jan 8th and it'd be great to see you guys. ♥

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