Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blue Rhapsody

So I went to have my hair done for the funeral on Saturday, and Lulu was sweet, kind and awesome as ever and sooooo much more pregnant than she was the last time I saw her. Wow. The baby belly looks so great on her ;___; She looked radiating!

So anyways, she gave my hair a much ashier tone than before (though in my hair it'll turn into a warmer, slightly yellowish tone soon enough...), and I realized my extensions wouldn't work with it, so I bought some hair dye and headed home to do something about it.

I guess we'll see how it worked out tomorrow, when they're dry...

I'll make a proper post as soon as I have time D: Right now I'm hellishly busy with exams, work, travel preparations... and, of course, funeral preparations. Being busy, sick and sad, I don't really have that much to blog about at the moment, either...

See you in a while, sweeties. ♥ Take care.

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