Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Desserts Spelled Backwards

Still alive and kicking! Yet another school year has started, now with pedagogical studies as my minor, and of course I had to go and start it with a bang: FOUR DAMN HOURS LATE. That's pretty epic, even for me. :_D Though it wasn't really my fault - the information hadn't reached me, so I came for the first lecture at 1 pm and found out that they had started with info and stuff at 9 am... I rolled around in self-loathing and generally felt like the biggest failure on earth for a short while, then I got hungry and had to sit through a five-hour lecture with a growling stomach, and then it started to rain.

But, then I got back home, ate, drank some tea and took my sweet time reading the newspaper (that no one in our shared flat seems to have ordered, but I'm not passing on a free newspaper, lol XD), and I realized, yet again, that

and that if I'm gonna freak out that this point, there's no way I'll ever make it through this semester alive, and anyway it's not like I can't get the info from somewhere else. :3 The great thing is that I'm finally feeling motivated about becoming a teacher, again! I've been on the verge of tears about my future for the last six months, so I pretty much wanted to scream hallelujah and dance on the table when at some point of the long-ass lecture I realized I was imagining a happy, stable life as a high school teacher and smiling about it. ;___; God does it feel good to not be so damn afraid of the future for a chance!

Needing something new for the start of the semester, I cut my bangs. The side-swept style was showing a bit too much of my roots, lol XD

While I'm happy to be back at school and having something concrete to work on, it also means that summer vacation is over! ;_____; It wasn't wonderful and at times it was far, far from fun, but for the rest of my life I'll remember it as the summer of recovery, made possible by the support of my friends, irl and online alike. And it's not like it was all bad! There was the Summer Sounds Festival:

And the On the Beach Party with Rihanna, of which I have no other photos but my outfit. As you can see, the Finnish weather, lovely as ever, decided that the best weather for a beach party was rainy and cold... but when has that ever stopped us from partying, right? :D ♥

The end of the summer also marked the beginning of a new era for many, and I don't even know how many of my co-workers and uni friends disappeared from my life to work or study elsewhere. It feels like August has been an endless string of farewells, but at least they decided to leave the building with a bang, and threw some wonderful parties! At one of them, Aleksi got us two of these volcanoes. That stuff was frigging strong!

So anyways! I'm going to be freakishly busy with my pedagogical studies, Bachelor's thesis, two language courses, work, boyfriend, social life and I don't even know what else, but I'll try to keep updating every now and then - and get back to checking on your blogs, too! I'm sorry for neglecting everyone for so long ;___; I don't think I replied to your comments on my last entry, either - I'm so sorry, I feel like the lowest worm on earth. -__- I swear I'll get better at that!

Oh, and I went and promised to do my very first cosplay at Tracon next weekend... so expect some photos of that, next time! If everything works out as planned, that is. XD

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