Thursday, March 31, 2011

Six Feet Under

Umm... Hi guys, what's up? ♥ I'm sorry I've been kind of m.i.a for, uh, more than a month, but... as I've whined before, my school, work and social life are taking quite a lot out of me, and this spring it all just pretty much crashed on me, and with all the health issues going on right now I have to spend all my energy on things like school and work and they're still going like hell... and recovering, I guess. I got hospitalized for my allergies again, too, and failed two exams, which just never happens to me. I'm still far from being okay and keep struggling to get through every day, but I'll try to minimize my brooding here - that's what I have my LJ account for, in any case. (If you're, for some reason, interested, feel free to ask, tho. It's just that I don't like talking about personal things in this blog.)

So, since I haven't really been to any outings as of late, my outfits have been simple and comfy rather than showy, and I haven't put much effort into my make up or hair. Speaking of hair, though - I've gone fully blond again!

Bleaching the dark part was such a pain, though - it turned red first, and then I dyed it brown for a few days before going back to blond... My hair shortened by some 5 cm :D

As you can probably see, the former black is still pretty orange, but since my hair is so damaged right now, I want to let it rest for a while before I bleach it again. :3 So bear with it.

The reason I wanted to go back to blond was this: my new extensions! They were platinum blond and I couldn't find affordable black hair of the same length. And I must admit that the black-and-white hair was so hard to keep looking good, because I had to dye them at different intervals... and trying to silver shampoo the white part without getting it on the dark part was a pain, too.

Btw, the book I have in hand there is the Norton Anthology of American Literature. I just had an exam on it on Wednesday. I hope it went well, even though I think I misspelled some names...

Can you see what has lately become my favorite accessory? XD Since I'm in the habit of sleeping in, that hat is a lifesaver. It looks good with at least half of my wardrobe and saves me the trouble of trying to make my rebellious hair look even remotely acceptable.

Unfortunately, my b/w hair was my most admired hairdo ever. ;____; I loved it when people complimented it, and I loved it myself, too. But... it was just so much trouble - and I'd had it for more than six months, already, and was desperate for a change. Maybe I'll go back to it, some day, though :3

I also have an announcement: I'M MOVING OUT!!! I got a room in a student apartment of HOAS in Helsinki and will be moving in (... to live with two complete strangers, yikes!) on May 2nd unless something dramatic happens. 8) I'm so excited, but this means I'll be even busier than before - the beginning of May is pretty much when all the exams and deadlines are, so I'd better do them BEFORE I move...

And then, because I found this when I was going through my files to gather stuff for this post:

Lol XDDDD ♥ That's me in September (... I think...) 2009. I'd just found this fancy Sin City font and had to try it immediately.

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