Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to the Tea Party

How freaking hard can it be to remember that yes, I do have another blog and yes, updating is an option, too? :D So, as you can see I'm switching to English as it seems to come more naturally to me at the moment, at least when it comes to blogging. (My spoken English is horrible.)

So, since starting Vanilla Heaven around New Year I've been pretty much glued to it and have quite happily forgotten about the rest of my blogs. (Yeah, there are several XDD) But since it's more of a personal blog, I figured trying to keep a more public blog alongside shouldn't be too much trouble, right? And lucky me, here I have a useful blog just waiting to be remembered... so here we go!

• Because you know, sometimes it's just nice to be a bit superficial. •

Anyways - I might update with a collection of what's happened and of my photos between my last post and this, but not now. So instead, have a few more recent pics!

For the birthday party of Nea's boyfriend, Anssi. Not overly thrilled with, well, anything, but considering it had been a long day at work I guess I look adequate. :D Too bad I didn't get an outfit photo...

A poor picture through a dusty mirror of what I wore to hang out with Rikkis on Saturday - and later that night to two bars and nightclubs too. I stood out like a sore thumb at the bars, but luckily most of the attention was fairly positive...

Then I got hitched with this dark, handsome brute - said his name was Mario...

Luckily his twin sister was pretty enough to have a tea party with XDD ♥

So after getting married in Las Purikuras, we kidnapped Rixu's man, Jonas, right after he got off from work, and proceeded to wait for three hours for TilQ and Toni. :D As we waited, we bumped into Moominpappa! o3o

And that's today.

I'm in the middle of going through my room, rearranging the furniture and throwing away the things I don't need or want anymore, so I'll probably be back with pictures of the before and the after in a few days :3 See you guys around ♥

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