Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Cause the Future Is Bright Pink, Bitch!

Gosh, it's been so long... again!! ;___; I'm still hideously busy for a few weeks, but then the summer holidays should kick in and leave me some time for rest. I actually got 24 days of paid vacation at work, which is more than fine by me. o3o (Don't you think it's really, really unfair that a teacher's absence counts as yours and it means you'll have to write a longer essay than the rest of the class just because you've missed three times of the lectures, even though that one time you missed because you were freaking hospitalized and the other wasn't even your absence but the teacher's?! Thought so!)

Aside from final essays and a huge pile of exams, two big changes have taken place in my life - in fact, on the very same day. As I said earlier, I have now moved out! Also, remember the tall dude with white hair from my last post, Aleksi? We are, like, in a relationship now. ♥ I'm stunned and amazed at my luck and all this is so overwhelmingly wonderful that I'm almost scared. *___*

Because I've been really busy, I don't have much photos to offer, either, but have three that were taken today~

My room!! ♥ The couch takes up half of the space but who cares, it's comfy and now I have a place to lounge on and to read books on. ♥ As said before, I live in a student apartment with two other girls, so this room is actually the only place I can call my own in our flat. In reality, though, I've apparently made such an everlasting impression on my flatmates that one of them refuses to leave the safety of her room and the other doesn't dare to come home at all, so I get to reign over my kingdom pretty much as I wish. :D

And here's my outfit for going to see Thor with Aleksi~ (Thor was visually great, btw, awesomely epic mythological adventure with fancy computer-made settings and dramatic music, just the way I like it. Plot-wise, it was nothing special, but oh, Loki. ♥ I'm such a myth geek... XD)

Everything in this room gets a pinkish hue because of the new pink-and-purple curtains. XD But I love it.

How are you guys doing? Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with your blogs!

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